Apply for TriCounty Futsal - Winter 2016/17


Welcome to the registration page for TriCounty Futsal (TCF), Winter 2016/17.  This season we will continue our goals of providing a quality experience for players to continue to touch the ball during the off-season.  Our objective is to provide multiple levels of play (Recreational, RecPlus and Travel) in the southern Maryland region (Calvert, Charles, St. Mary's) that provide a competitive, yet fun environment that is NOT results based.  To achieve this goal, we make every effort to following these guidelines:

Division Ages Gender Objective Location
Recreation U8-High School Male & Female Recreational futsal is designed to allow players to keep touching the ball at a skill-appropriate level.  Teams are generally co-ed, however - if registration supports having a girls only division, we will. Will play only in their home location.
RecPlus U8, U10, U12 and U14 RecPlus is a more competitive version of recreational soccer that pits teams who want a little more challenge to their matchs.  Teams are generally boys or girls, however - if registration doesn't support splitting genders - we may have to mix appropriately (ie: U10 girls would play U8 boys RecPlus or Travel vs. U10 boys RecPlus unless otherwise requested by the coach) Will play 1/2 of games at *home location and 1/2 of games at away locations.
Travel U8-U19 Travel teams are split into boys and girls divisions and by generally two-year divisions (U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U19).  If registration supports single age groups, we may bracket them accordingly.  We do not encourage girls to play in the girls divisions, however, we don't prohibit either.  Once the schedule is run - we WILL NOT remove any teams from divisions to which they are assigned. Will play 1/2 of games at *home location and 1/2 of games at away locations.

* Home games for RecPlus and Travel will be based on home facilitiy availabilty.  This is driven strictly by registration and Facility availabilty.

The TCF WEBSITE has a wide variety of information that should answer most of  your questions before registering.  Please feel free to visit the following:




Registration costs are as follows and can be made via credit card or check:

U8 through U14 teams - $575
U15 and older teams - $625

Register by midnight on Nov. 1st and save $25 per team.


22 Oct – Registration Opens

01 Nov - Early Registration End

07 Nov – Registration Closes

10 Nov – Division Structure Completed

21 Nov – Schedule released to teams

2-4 Dec – First week of games

19 Dec – 5 Jan – Winter Break (Some facilities may schedule games for Dec. 31/Jan. 1)

06 Jan – Resume games

3-5 Mar – Last week of games

Any team who registers and pays and then requests a refund prior to registration closing will be charged a $50 admin fee.

Any team who registrers and pays and then requests a refund once registration has closed will not be issued any refund.

Age groups for the Winter 2016/17 Season

Tri-County Futsal only uses even numbered age groups, so U7 plays U8,  U9 plays U10, U11 plays U12, etc.

Age Group Players Birth Years
U8 2009/2010/2011
U10 2007/2008
U12 2005/2006
U14 2003/2004
U16 2001/2002
U19 1998/1999/2000


NOTE:  RecPlus switched to ODD-numbered age groups this past year, so for those
teams, please follow the grid below to know where you should register.

Outdoor RecPlus
Age Group
TriCounty Futsal
Age Group
U9 U8
U11 U10
U13 U12
U15 U14


How to register to play in TCF
Step-by-Step process to get you on the court!

TriCounty Futsal is a unique adventure and with that comes specifics on how your register.  While the league is set-up by and for the three primary youth soccer organizations in southern Maryland, anyone can play.  But you must register correctly.  This Step-by-Step Guide will help you do just that. 

1 Click on the
link wherever you see it.

Select your "Club Name"
This will be any of the following:

  • Calvert Soccer Association - any teams that currently play under/with CSA
  • St. Mary’s Soccer - any teams that currently play under/with SMS
  • Waldorf Soccer Club - any teams that currently play under/with WSC or any LaPlata clubs.

NOTE:  Your "club name" will be determined by the facility you are choosing as you home court.  Even if you don't actually play in that club - that is how it will be reflected in your team registration/scheduling.

3 Enter your "Team Name"
This should be your team’s nickname (For example:  Fire, Sting, United, etc.)
4 Select your "Age Group"
Age groups are divided into two-year ranges. (You can choose to play up one year.  For example, a U14 team can play up into a U16; however, a U13 team cannot play up to U16 since they are already playing up in U14).

Select "Gender:
Boys or Girls
Note:  Girls can play in a boys division, however, boys cannot play in a girls division.


Select "Competition Level"

  • Travel Teams (D1 through D3) (will travel to other sites)
  • Travel Teams (D4 and lower) (will travel to other sites)
  • RecPlus Teams (will travel to other sites)
  • Recreational Teams (will only play at home site)

NOTE:  This is the level of play you are asking to play against.  Note - Travel and RecPlus teams MUST play in appropriate divisions.  In other words, you cannot play Recreational just to avoid traveling.  IF A TEAM HAS ONE CARDED TRAVEL PLAYER - THEY ARE CONSIDERED A TRAVEL TEAM.  DUE TO LACK OF FACILITY SPACE - THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.


Choose your "Home Field:
This will guarantee HALF of your home games will be in the county you choose.

NOTE:  If you choose a county location that is NOT your club  you may be bumped to your county location if you are potentially displacing a local team.

8 Enter information for your Team Manager/Primary Contact (MANDATORY) - THIS INCLUDES PHONE AND EMAIL.
9 Enter information for your Coach (can be the same as Team Manager/Primary Contact)
10 Enter any "Pertinent Comments" you feel are necessary.  Please understant that while these will be considered, there are no guarantees for things like coaching conflicts, etc.

Each team can request up to 4 dates off when you register.     Please note that any dates selected MUST be within the same weekend.  We will NOT allow teams to take every Saturday or Sunday off - because this would limit what is already challenging scheduling environment.  This MUST be done when you register or you can log back on before the registration deadline and update.  Keep in mind, if you forfeit a game, you will be fined $125 and risk having the remainder of your schedule cancelled.  We do this because court time is expensive and when teams don’t show, it creates a hardship on their opponents.  So look ahead and make your choices wisely and if something comes up – try to work with your Site Coordinator directly to see if something can be worked out.

12 Enter your team’s roster.  Roster MUST include first and last name, gender and birthdate.  Other information is option but appreciated.  If you dont have your teams roster at this point, you can always login later and enter it.  CLICK HERE to get to your application.
13 Hit the "Save and Proceed to checkout" button.
14 Complete the payment via Credit Card or Check.